The Latest Project by EuroLine Windows in Scenic West Vancouver

West Vancouver Project Euroline

The Latest Project by EuroLine Windows in Scenic West Vancouver

With extra safety precautions in place for the health of our employees, EuroLine is still working diligently to complete projects for expectant homeowners. We are also taking appointments for new projects in our meticulously sanitized showroom. An excellent example is one of our most recent projects in Vancouver.  This 6000 sq/ft luxury home sits high on the hills of scenic West Vancouver. Our client wished for windows and doors that allow the melding of indoors and outdoors so they might enjoy both equally. This choice is proving to be an especially valuable breath of fresh air in this time of indoor isolation. 

To achieve their goal, we worked with the client to install a range of Euroline windows and doors in their open and airy contemporary home. 

Overlooking the City and Sea

Tilt and Turn Windows Sea View

The client’s sunlit bedroom sits on a hill overlooking the city of Vancouver. Euroline tilt and turn windows and doors allow for the sunlight and fresh air to be enjoyed in full.

Luxury Doors West Vancouver

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

Tilt and Turn West Vancouver

All the Euroline tilt and turn windows throughout the home are easy to use and easy to clean. The inside and outside panes of glass can be accessed from any floor without issue when fully open. When closed, they use a multi-point locking system to ensure optimal security. 

The Beauty of Tilt & Glide

Tilt and Glide Doors West Vancouver

Our Euroline tilt and glide doors were perfect for this light and airy home. They are also terrific for saving space as they don’t take up real estate on the inside or outside, unlike a standard swing door. Our doors are super easy to use and can be moved around with one finger. 

These doors feature gaskets on the frame and sash — so when you use a multi-point locking system to seal the door, it has gasket-on-gasket compression. This results in an incredible seal that helps conserve energy and leaves you feeling secure.

Inviting in the Light

Luxury Glass West Vancover

With a breathtaking view and incredible outdoor living area, the homeowners wanted to bring the outside inside. To accomplish this, we installed a very wide set of French doors with sidelights. As a result, the expanse of doors allows the interior to spill into the outside seating area and the backyard beyond.  Thin crisp lines accentuate the view and help give the home that clean, contemporary feeling. 

Artful Arches 

Arched Windows West Vancouver

Custom arches create a beautiful focal point in this hallway, adding a classic nuance in this otherwise contemporary home. Our Euroline team made these custom arched windows onsite with amazing results. 

European Windows West Vancouver

Bathing becomes an experience under these custom Euroline arch-top windows. They can be a bit more labor-intensive to make but, the result is totally worth it as they give the room a lovely touch of European style. 

We are happy to consult on how to get the most function and beauty out of your own new build or remodel. Contact us online or give us a call to make an appointment to explore our showroom and the possibilities EuroLine has to offer.

Everything You Need to Know About B.C. Government Window Rebates

B.C Window Rebates

Everything You Need to Know About B.C. Government Window Rebates 

Looking to replace your drafty windows with new energy-efficient ones? There’s never been a better time to do it! Not only will you reap the rewards of lower energy bills and lessening your carbon footprint on the environment, but you’ll also be rewarded financially by the government of British Columbia. We’ve created the simple guide below to help you understand everything you need to know about B.C. government window rebates before investing in your home:

What are B.C. government window rebates?

With the Better Homes Rebate Program, those who install new energy-efficient windows and doors may be eligible to receive a rebate for their efforts. Unlike the previous rebate programs, where you had to install triple-pane varieties to qualify, the current program makes receiving a rebate much more achievable with basic glass upgrades. 

What are the benefits of applying for window rebates?

In 2020, you can receive up to $2000 in rebates for installing energy-efficient windows and doors or up to $100 per window or door and up to 20 windows/doors per Tier. 

Rebate Tiers

  1. Tier 1 windows/ doors: $50 per window/door (maximum $1,000). Just a note, tier 1 window and door rebates are not available in the City of Vancouver.
  2. Tier 2 windows/doors: $100 per window/door (maximum $2,000)

Your current windows or exterior doors must be replaced with program qualified products. Additionally, this upgrade will count towards an additional Two Upgrade Bonus or the Home Energy Improvement Bonus.

Who is eligible?

Make sure your property and your choice of new windows and doors are eligible for the rebate with the following guidelines:

  • The invoice date for the installed windows and doors must be on or after January 01, 2020. If your invoice is dated before this date, see the “Other” section below for FAQs on what rebates are available to you.
  • Your upgrades must be installed by a licensed contractor with a valid BC business license for the trade applicable to the installation work.
  • You must have a residential utility account with FortisBC, BC Hydro, or a municipal utility.
  • Your home must be primarily heated with:
    • Natural Gas or piped propane supplied by FortisBC
    • Natural Gas supplied by Pacific Northern Gas
    • Electricity supplied by FortisBC, BC Hydro, or a municipal utility.
    • Oil or propane not supplied by FortisBC
  • Premises primarily heated by wood or other solid fuels are not eligible.
  • You must live in an eligible home.
  • The home must have a minimum of 12 months of consecutive utility billing history.

Is there a deadline or time limit for applying for the rebates?

Government funds for the window and door rebates are limited, so you’ll need to have your new window and/or door install completed and submit your rebate application before funds run out. Additionally, you’ll want to keep the following deadlines in mind:

  • The application form for individual upgrades must be submitted within 6 months of the invoice date of the upgrade.
  • The application form for the Two Upgrade Bonus must be submitted within 6 months of the second bonus-eligible upgrade. You must complete your second bonus-eligible upgrade within 18 months of the invoice date of the first bonus-eligible upgrade.
  • The application form for the Home Energy Improvement Bonus and EnerGuide Home Evaluation Rebate must be submitted within 6 months of the date of your post-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation. 
  • You must complete your post-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation within 18 months of your pre-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation.

Things you’ll need when applying for your rebate

  • Assessment records & files, including your pre-upgrade assessment and recommended upgrades, and a detailed list of completed work. 
  • All original receipts and window product model numbers.
  • Retailer invoices reflecting a detailed accounting of the number of windows installed, the window types, the window manufacturers, and the date of the installation. 
  • Proof of 12 consecutive months of energy bills from your energy provider. 

How do I apply for the window rebates?

  • To apply for your rebate, click HERE – Remember, you have 6 months from the date of your invoice to apply for the rebates. 
  • For more information on the B.C. Window rebate, visit

If you would like to learn more about EuroLine Windows energy efficient products message our high-performance window team or give us a call at 1-800-337-8604.

Spectacular Custom Windows in Vancouver’s Trendy Dunbar-Southlands

Vancouver Dunbar Windows

Spectacular Custom Windows in Vancouver’s Trendy Dunbar-Southlands

Sitting among the tree-lined streets, expansive gardens, and other luxurious residences of Vancouver’s Dunbar neighborhood, an upscale modern house project presented us with an exciting challenge: per the customer’s request, the house’s interior must be kept open to the beauty and breadth of the surrounding landscape and climate while remaining secure and private.  

We were more than thrilled to accomplish this for her as we knew our high-performing window and door products were perfect for achieving the homeowner’s dream of feeling on top of the world as she goes about daily life. We invite you to explore the highlights of her beautiful home below as we walk you through the project details that make this house stand out:

Secure Yet Welcoming Entry Door

Secure Entry Door

Wanting a unique, modern and secure door, this customer chose to use one of our highly customizable 4700-Series Entry Doors.  In order to maintain privacy while keeping to a contemporary style, we incorporated an obscure, sandblasted glass panel insert with clear horizontal lines that highlight the sleek look of the door.

This door also features a high-security multi-point locking system with quality, durable hardware ensuring the safety of the home. As a bonus, it also has a barrier-free (flush) sill that allows for easy entry and egress from the house for any with mobility restrictions like strollers or wheelchairs.  

Contemporary Entry Door

Clean Contemporary Aesthetic

Something that really adds to the contemporary aesthetic of this home is the unconventional choice of finish used for the entry door.  While many homeowners choose a contrasting or unique entry door, our customer wanted to keep a fluid contemporary aesthetic throughout her entire home. To achieve this she chose a finish that intentionally matches the colours of the windows and the other doors within the home. 

The  “gun metal” ( or “met brush anthrazitgrau”) she selected from our expansive custom colour range is incredibly sleek. It has the desired appearance of anodized aluminum but is actually our famously energy efficient vinyl. Aluminum always lends itself to a more contemporary aesthetic and looks terrific when paired with expanses of glass. 

Best Modern Door

The light bounces in and through the entrance, from metal to glass, for an eye-catching visual both inside and outside. 

The customer chose the Verona door handles for their security features and sleek look. The handle styles were carried throughout the home.

Let the Outdoors In

Ultimate Bi-Fold Doors

In order to fully enjoy the beauty of Vancouver’s warmer seasons and take advantage of the breathtaking city, water, and mountain views, this homeowner took advantage of EuroLine’s 3400-Series folding doors. These dynamic doors are great because they both invite the beauty of nature into the home, and help to extend functional living space. As you can see, the high performance bi-fold doors open up completely for optimal enjoyment of indoor/outdoor living. 

Bi-fold doors vancouver

The expanse of clear glass associated with our 3400-series folding doors makes you feel like you’re on top of the world—which is exactly what this homeowner wanted.

The ease of use the doors provide in this high-functioning unit also spoke to our homeowner’s desire for a product that could be easy and functional without obstructing the view. From a product perspective, the door is bottom hung, meaning the weight is distributed at the sill making the rolling mechanism very easy to use. 

Let the Fresh Air In

Tilt and turn window dunbar

To allow for optimal views and ventilation, we used tilt and turn windows in the kitchen. Typically, with a window the size you see depicted above, manufacturers would have to break the glass up into two pieces in order for it to be functional and open in any way. However, at EuroLine, we are able to build impressively large windows with a single pane. The tilting mechanism makes it so that there is no need for a vertical obstruction or separation for the window to still open and be functional. 

Giant window vancouver

The tilt and turn window, when it is in a vented position, moves the air around nicely. This is exactly what you want in a space like the kitchen where good air flow helps with cooking ventilation or, can wake you up with a breath of fresh air alongside your morning coffee.

In the Bedroom 

Casement and awning windows vancouver

To allow for views of the mountains beyond the bedroom window, the homeowner chose our 1400-Series Casement & Awning windows. They allow light and air to flow through the bedroom for a sense of well-being and communing with nature.

Luxury custom windows

Tying It All Together

The homeowner was incredibly pleased with the outcomes provided by EuroLine’s products providing her with security, beauty, and ultimately, a window (and door) to the world. 

We are happy to consult on how to get the most function and beauty out of your own new build or remodel. Contact us online or visit one of our showrooms to explore all the possibilities EuroLine has to offer.

Transition, focus and forward: a 2019 Review from the CEO of EuroLine Windows

Transition, focus and forward: a 2019 Review from the CEO of EuroLine Windows

As we head into 2020, I begin this letter with a sense of pride in what the EuroLine team has accomplished over the last few months. It is remarkable how much we managed to achieve during this period of organizational change and economic uncertainty, not only in terms of financial performance, but also in our dedication to providing the best service and products to our clients across North America.

In the beginning of 2019, we unveiled a new logo that mirrors EuroLine’s continued focus on building products that are the pinnacle of innovation and beauty. This external change was accompanied by updates in our processes internally as we focused efforts on streamlining our production processes, and maintaining lead times. We exceeded our productivity and efficiency targets while maintaining our revenue, and a 95% client satisfaction rate across the board. This is truly a testament to the fantastic team we have working at EuroLine, as our ongoing success is only possible thanks to the passion and commitment each of our team members has shown our customers during this period of growth. 

Now, with a new year in front of us, and more positive changes on the horizon, I am enthusiastic about the future of EuroLine. Earlier this month we announced our search for a new President. We are excited for the opportunity to bring on an outside perspective, with fresh passion to inspire more innovation within our organization. We also look forward to introducing new products to our loyal EuroLine clients. Amid these changes, we will remain focused on our commitment to improve and are confident in our ability to make a continued positive impact on the lives of both our employees and our customers. In closing, and with that in mind, I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for the character and capabilities of the employees at EuroLine Windows. 



Darren J. Mark, CEO

EuroLine Windows