Over the years European-inspired tilt and turn windows have become an increasingly popular choice as a premium feature in luxury homes in North America. But, having only recently gained traction in mainstream designs in this part of the world, they are still one of architecture’s best kept secrets when it comes to increasing property value and improving aesthetics. Optimal security, streamlined designs, and high-performance in energy efficiency are only a few of the many advantages of tilt & turn windows. So why are so many high-end designers choosing to incorporate them into their latest projects? 

We’ve put together a list of nine advantages of having tilt & turn windows, but before we get into that, here is a quick overview of what they are and how they work.:

How Do They Work?

Using a single handle, a tilt & turn window provides the functionality of three different window types in one single window unit:

Tilt & Turn Window Positions
  • Fixed — One easy-to-operate handle moves the multi-point locking hardware into place and locks the window on all sides. Not only does this provide an airtight and waterproof seal against the elements, but it also creates a high-security closure protecting against forced entry.  
  • In-Swing Casement — With the handle in the “turn” position, the sash turns inwards on side hinges. This position allows for easy cleaning from the interior, rapid cross-ventilation, and quick emergency egress.
  • Hopper— With the handle in the “tilt” position, the sash tilts inwards at the top, providing draft-free ventilation while maintaining the security and privacy.

The 9 Advantages of EuroLine Tilt & Turn Windows

  1. 3 Windows in 1: Because tilt & turn windows are essentially the three most popular window types in one design, they provide more value and functionality than traditional fixed, in-swing, or hopper windows. 
  2. Perfect for Any Size Space: Our custom windows are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any living situation. As a result of their unique design, you can use tilt & turn windows to create oversized windows that are able to provide airflow without any visible seams in the glass. They also still look great in tight spaces as single, slender windows, while maintaining all their functionality.  
  3. Versatile & Flexible: Not only do they fit in a wide range of spaces, but these windows are also ideal for use across design styles and in a range of architectural projects. They come in a large variety of colours, finishes and shapes. 
  4. High-Performance Energy Efficiency: In general, tilt & turn windows are better at maintaining a pleasant indoor climate while keeping electric bills low than traditional, North American window styles. EuroLine Windows takes the high-performance aspect of tilt & turn windows one step further by offering the thermal performance needed for a Passive House design and, by creating windows that are rated at the highest StepCode possible according to the B.C Energy StepCode Council.
  5. Expansive Unobstructed Views: With their seamless, single-pane designs, tilt & turn windows are the perfect design feature to highlight beautiful, unobstructed views and panoramic vistas. 
  6. Easy-to-Clean Design: The in-swing function of our windows allows for easy cleaning of exterior glass. This means you can safely clean the exterior of your windows from the inside your home. There is no need for precarious ladders or extra preparation. 
  7. Better Ventilation: Another great benefit of tilt and turn windows is the varied ventilation options they provide. These windows allow for top-only ventilation, easily enabling hot air flow out of the top portion of the window while the rest of the window remains closed and secure. Alternatively, the window can be completely opened so you can enjoy the full experience of what nature has to offer, like a fresh summer breeze, from inside your home. 
  8. Modern Aesthetics: Clean lines, slender frames, and a range of designer finishes and handle options lend to an in-demand, modern aesthetic that can elevate your space and increase the value of your home overall. 
  9. Increased Security: EuroLine’s multi-point locking system, reinforced steel frame, locking hinges, and glazed glass provide optimal security. Our tilt & turn windows also stand up to elements creating an impassive, virtually impenetrable barrier against anything mother nature may throw at them.

As you can see, there are many reasons to love these European-style windows and our tilt & turn products give you the most durable, versatile, and energy-efficient window system in their class. Take a tour of some of our latest premium home projects to get a better idea of how tilt & turn windows can enhance your living space:

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