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Frequently Asked Questions


The Company was founded in early 1993, under the name ANG Window Tech. The name was changed in 1998 to EuroLine Windows Inc.

Originating in Germany, tilt and turn windows can both tilt inwards at the top for easy ventilation or open completely on hinges like a door. Their unique handle and internal mechanism make them incredibly secure and create an airtight seal preventing unwanted drafts.

Energy Efficiency

Passive house is a standard for energy efficiency in a building, which reduces the building’s ecological footprint. It results in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling. To meet the requirements of the Passivhaus standard, windows must be manufactured with exceptionally high R-values (reducing fluctuations in heat) . These normally combine triple-pane insulated glazing with air-seals and specially developed thermal break window frames. For unobstructed south-facing Passive House windows, the heat gains from the sun are, on average, greater than the heat losses, even in mid-winter. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you configure your windows to ensure optimal performance and Passive House compliance.

The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial standard that provides an incremental and consistent approach to achieving more energy-efficient buildings that go beyond the requirements of the base BC Building Code. When you reach the highest standard in Step Codes, Step Code 5, your home will have little to no energy use.

The step code applies to the whole house and considers three main factors:

  • Insulation value
  • Air tightness
  • Efficient appliances

Yes, all of EuroLine Windows’ products are compliant with the current energy Step Code requirements.

Most normal windows are thermal holes, causing an average home to lose up to 30% of its heat or air-conditioning energy through its windows. As a result, windows are one of the most important components in creating an energy efficient home and have a huge impact on achieving Step Code compliance and Passive House ratings.

As standards in energy efficiency increase, you will want to ensure your windows and doors are up to the highest level of effectiveness to ensure your home can continue to be ranked as Passive House or Step Code compliant over time. EuroLine Windows have exceptionally airight products and are already rated at the highest level of Energy Step Codes, exceeding the current standard for Step Code compliance in B.C.

For more information on Passive House standards, Step Code compliance and the role of windows in energy efficiency in general, please contact one of our window consultants.


PVC is made from a mixture of petroleum byproducts and salt (Worldwide vinyl production accounts only for about 0.3 % of all annual oil and gas consumption and about 10 % of salt consumption).

Micro ingredients are added to achieve the desired properties of the finished material. The exact composition of these ingredients vary from producer to producer and are proprietary to every supplier.

Some of the basic ingredients are:

Heat Stabilizers:

  • Heat Stabilizers are added to prevent material degradation during the extrusion process, increase the weatherability of the end product and allow the windows and doors withstand the effects of solar heating. Lack of heat stabilizers will make the product weak when exposed to the summer sun and can result in poor window operation or even total window failure.

Processing Aids:

  • Processing aids influence the melting and fusion through the extrusion process. They impart an elastic toughness to the material.

Impact Modifiers:

  • These ingredients improve the impact properties of the PVC profiles by reducing brittleness and increasing the pliability of the end product; without these modifiers, the profiles would be susceptible to cracking and breaking during the fabrication process, installation and operation of the windows.


  • Lubricants improve the flow of vinyl through the dies during the extrusion process. They allow the surface of the finished product to be smooth and shiny.


  • The proper amount and type of fillers used in the formulation of the compound for profile extrusion is critical. Filler influences several properties of the final product, including impact strength, elasticity, shrinkage and last but not least, cost.

Light Stabilizers:

  • Light stabilizers are added to prevent fading. Fading is caused by the ultra violet light from the sun and results in a dull finished surface.


  • Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is the primary pigment in vinyl formulations. It gives the window profiles its brilliant white color and makes the product opaque. TiO2 aids in the reflection of UV rays, reducing heat build up and protecting the window from solar fading.

‘u’ stands for ‘unplasticized’. Plasticizers are added to plastic formulations to improve processing. Plasticizers are not chemically bound and can leach out or evaporate over time, and the vinyl becomes brittle. Some plasticizers have been suspected of being harmful to human health. EuroLine window and door profiles do not contain plasticizers.

EuroLine does not provide jamb extensions. According to the new B.C. building code, windows are to be fully installed and sealed before a jamb extension is applied. Jamb extensions also interfere with the use of strap anchors, which are essential to properly support the product.

Installation And Delivery

When we deliver the windows and doors on our truck, they are secured to racks on the sides of the truck with straps. For unloading, you will need enough manpower and suction cups to carry the product down the truck ramp. Keep in mind that it is very heavy!

If you have been quoted crating and shipping by a common carrier, the product will be crated by EuroLine and then handed over to a common carrier for delivery. You will need to have adequate equipment on site to unload the crate(s).

While it may be possible to wrap smaller windows in either bubble wrap or cardboard for an additional fee, we do not recommend this. Even small windows are very heavy, and having them wrapped makes them more difficult to handle.

Our truck drivers have suction cups with them on the truck that can be used to more easily lift and carry the product.

If you are picking up your order, bring some cardboard and shipping blankets to help protect your new purchase.

Yes. With each product delivery, EuroLine sends along very explicit and detailed installation instructions. As long as you, or your builder, follow these instructions you should have no problems. From experience we know that over 90% of service calls result from installation problems, where instructions have not been followed. Therefore EuroLine recommends having at least the doors and large window units installed by our or our dealers’ experienced and dedicated installation crews.

“Site glaze” means that the unit weighs over 100 kgs, and at least one unit of glass has been flagged to ship loose. That means that it will need to be glazed on site. If you are located within our regular service area, you would need to coordinate with our service department to schedule glazing for after you have installed the unit(s) in question. A service technician will then come out and install the glass. You are responsible to make sure the window is accessible for glazing (including providing any equipment required, such as scaffolding, etc.), as well as helpers to assist the service technician.

If you are located outside our regular service area, your quote will say “site glaze by others”. This means that the glass may be shipped loose, and you will need to organize your own glazing, or pay for a service call by EuroLine.

When items are so large that they cannot be transported in one piece, it becomes necessary to connect the fields on site.
If you live within our regular service area, you will need to schedule an appointment with our service department for a service technician to come out and connect the fields. You are responsible to provide an adequate working area, as well as any helpers needed to assist the technician.

If you are located outside our regular service area, your quote will say “site connect by others”. This means that the unit will be shipped in parts, and you will need to organize your own assembly, or pay for a service call by EuroLine.

“Ship sash loose”, similar to “site glaze”, means that the unit weighs in excess of 100 kgs. On tilt & turn products especially it is simpler to install the sash than to glaze a loose piece of glass. Once you have installed the rest of the unit, refer to the installation instructions you received to hang the sash.