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Glass Design Options

By selecting appropriate glass options for your project, you can make a wise investment in a glass package that provides the energy efficiency necessary for your home and climate. There are various insulating options available such as standard dual or optional triple pane insulated glass, along with surface coatings that can regulate the amount of light and heat entering and exiting your home.

Having a good understanding of your glass options will assist you in selecting the right efficiency level without spending money on options that may not provide long-term benefits.

Dual vs. Triple Pane

Choose between our standard dual pane or an optional triple pane glazing.

  • Dual pane consists of two glass panels and is much more energy-efficient than single pane glass. It incorporates low emissivity coating and a gas-filled insulating space between the glass layers, resulting in substantial reductions in energy costs.
  • Triple pane is comprised of three glass panels, each containing Low E coating. Between two of the glass panes, there are two spaces filled with argon gas to provide insulation.

Which Option is Right For You?

The number of glass panes in a window is only one factor in determining a window’s energy efficiency. Factors like glass coatings, gas utilized in the gaps between panes, spacer attributes, the quality of materials, window design, ability to weld corners, and proper installation all contribute to achieving overall efficiency of a window. It is crucial to evaluate the energy efficiency of the entire window, rather than solely relying on the number of glass panes.

Contact our design consultant today to receive free aid in designing fenestration for your project. 

Decorative Glass

Obscure glass is an elegant way to create a level of privacy or add a feature wall to your home wile allowing natural light to flow in. As leaders in design and innovation in window manufacturing, we carry the latest and most popular coloured and obscure glass.

No Glass

Delta Sandglass



Satin Etch

Diffused White Lami



*Please note: images may not be an accurate representation. Speak to your design consultant to receive your free recommendation on what glass is right for your project.