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bi-fold door

Innovation in Sliding Door Design: Functionality Meets Aesthetics

While conceptually doors have been around since the early stages of architecture, their designs, functions and performance continue to improve. If you aren’t in the industry, keeping tabs on new
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Window and Door Colour Blog

Latest Trends in Exterior Window and Door Colours

Colour is one of the most important aesthetic decisions when it comes to home improvements, The colour you choose can have a huge impact on the overall style and resale
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Energy Efficient Windows

The Importance of Windows in Energy Efficiency

When building or renovating a home, choosing the right windows for the project is a major decision that can impact both the design and curbside value of the property overall.
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advantages of tilt and turn windows

9 Advantages of Tilt & Turn Windows

Over the years European-inspired tilt and turn windows have become an increasingly popular choice as a premium feature in luxury homes in North America. But, having only recently gained traction
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West Vancouver Project Euroline

The Latest Project by EuroLine Windows in Scenic West Vancouver

With extra safety precautions in place for the health of our employees, EuroLine is still working diligently to complete projects for expectant homeowners. We are also taking appointments for new
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B.C Window Rebates

Everything You Need to Know About B.C. Government Window Rebates

Looking to replace your drafty windows with new energy-efficient ones? There’s never been a better time to do it! Not only will you reap the rewards of lower energy bills
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