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Tilt & Glide Door


Energeto Tilt & Glide Door is a solution to creating ventilation in small spaces. Designed for the most rigorous Passive House energy standards, Energeto helps reduce CO2 and heating costs and, as a result, protects the environment. Custom-configured in size and virtually any finish allows developers and architects to dramatically improve the performance of buildings.

Design + Engineering Meets Technology

  • Ease of operation, tight seal, and burglary protection provided by advanced multi-point locking hardware
  • Elimination of thermal bridging thanks to glass fiber-rein forced powerdur technology replacing the need for steel reinforcements
  • Outstanding air, water, and noise resistance with triple gasket system
  • 33% larger openings without steel reinforcement thanks to its six chamber profile with superior strength powerdur superior strength powerdur
  • Ease of operation, tight seal, and burglary protection provided by advanced multi-point locking hardware
  • Sleek frame depth at 5 3/8 suitable for both new construction and retrofit applications
  • Multiple retractable screen options available
  • Small construction depth of 70mm
  • Optional bonding inside (adhesive technology)

For Curated Details that Customize Your Project



Obscure Glass

Custom Windows

Perfect For The Following Applications

Large openings
Providing secure ventilation in places with space constraints
Aggressive air, water, and energy requirements
Oceanfront properties
Extreme climates
Single-family homes
High-rise residential or commercial buildings
Passive House and PHIUS builds

Key Performance Data

0.13 (IP)
0.70 (SI)

U-Value Best Thermal NFRC

720 Pa 
15 psf

Water Penetration Resistance

0.004 L/s*m² (A3)
0.001 cfm/ft²

Air Infiltration

* All data shown are for double paned windows and doors. For more information about performance data for specific configurations and add-ons, please speak to our design representative

Configuration Options

Single Glide

Double Tilt-And-Glide

Available Sizes
NFRC – Thermal Performance Chart

Technology That Helps Improve Your Standard of Living

Powerdur Reinforcements

With conventional window solutions, the componentry that loses heat most are the steel reinforcements, sending precious thermal energy into the atmosphere. Powerdur is EuroLine’s solution to this challenge. Powerdur is an innovative fully recyclable glass fiber reinforced synthetic material. It is used inside the profiles as reinforcement to provide the required level of stability, eliminating the need for additional steel reinforcement. Steel reinforcements can be used to enlarge door sizes further.

Key Property Benefits:

  • Up to 33% bigger openings without the need for steel reinforcement
  • Stabilizes the profile from within
  • Renders steel reinforcements unnecessary
  • Up to 20% lighter and yet even more stable than conventional
    windows, saving fuel during transport and protecting the environment
  • 100% recyclable
  • The granulated PVC can be separated accurately from the Powerdur
    material and then fed back into the production cycle several times
    without compromising the quality of the material at all. As a result,
    Powerdur guarantees a closed-loop material cycle contributing to an
    excellent eco-balance.
With Powerdur
With Steel
Combination of Both
  • System multifunctionality. With interchangeable profiles, our clients can choose between:
    • a conventional solution with steel
    • a solution without steel
    • a possible combination of both
The mutual compatibility of profiles allows individual profile geometries to be freely combined, providing the potential for various stylistic configurations of windows.
  • Add  optional foam for improved thermal performance
  • Choose from white or dark inside profile base colours
  • Explore our custom finish collection with over 125 colours and texture library, including wood grains

The optional addition of foam to the inside of some chambers creates remarkable thermal insulation values. In this process the central interior chambers of the window frame and sash are filled completely with foam. This technology enables foam-filled windows to reach record-breaking insulation figures of up to 0.60 W/m2K, both generating a financial value for our clients and contributing to the saving of global finite resources such as oil and gas.

EuroLine Tilt and Glide Door system is one of the few systems that feature the “classic center seal”. This special extruded middle rebate is where the third, internal seal strongly adheres, ensuring greater tightness of the entire construction and improving its thermal, acoustic, and burglar resistance properties. In comparison to regular windows and doors, the center seal also makes it more difficult for burglars to force open the sash by blocking access to the hardware.

Environmental Impact

  • Tilt and Glide Door is a resource-efficient system that saves energy, conserves resources, and reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Tilt and Glide Door system has a 15% lower CO2 footprint compared to a conventional, steel-reinforced door
  • 30-38% of the Tilt and Glide Door profile is made from recycled uPVC
  • A closed-loop material cycle and an excellent eco balance are guaranteed with 100% recyclable powerdur. The granulated PVC can be separated accurately from the powerdur material and fed back into the production cycle several times- without compromising the quality of the material at all.
  • Reduced CO2 emission from transportation. The profile depth is a determining factor for efficient logistics. Increasing profile depth by 15-20mm reduces the load volume of a conventional rack by up to 20%!