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A true difference with EuroLine windows lies in the artisanship of how we finish our windows. We have perfected our craft of delivering the appearance of powder coated aluminum, brushed steel, stained or painted wood in a large variety of colours. We have over 125 colour options available for you to unleash your creativity. This level of artistry and fabulous aesthetic is a practice that has been honed over time creating lasting aesthetic.

There are many good reasons why we occupy a leading position in the market in terms of quality. One of them is that we often do more than necessary. All our colour foils are subjected to time-lapse weather simulation in complex tests, engineered to last. Visit our partner Skai for in-depth exploration.

Superior Process:

Our state of the art laminating is performed in-house allowing you the flexibility to choose your finish without concern for the delivery time.


In addition to Stock and Trend selections below we have over 125 custom finishes available. Request a full colour sample kit from your designer or by visiting our showroom.


The most matte finish for profiles available on the market today. The sand-matte surface texture delivers realistic aluminum look and high temperature resistance. 


An innovation in the design of building elements, this deeply textured and very matte wood look provides an amazingly authentic finish.

Cool Colours

A patented technology renders most of the sun’s near-infrared radiation unable to penetrate the laminated profile. This greatly reduces heat build up on the surface keeping the fenestration dimensionally stable.

Jet Black

Deep black optics remind one of an impregnated petrified wood that is transitioning to bituminous coal. The darkest black on the market – classic, timeless and elegant.