With extra safety precautions in place for the health of our employees, EuroLine is still working diligently to complete projects for expectant homeowners. We are also taking appointments for new projects in our meticulously sanitized showroom. An excellent example is one of our most recent projects in Vancouver.  This 6000 sq/ft luxury home sits high on the hills of scenic West Vancouver. Our client wished for windows and doors that allow the melding of indoors and outdoors so they might enjoy both equally. This choice is proving to be an especially valuable breath of fresh air in this time of indoor isolation. 

To achieve their goal, we worked with the client to install a range of Euroline windows and doors in their open and airy contemporary home. 

Overlooking the City and Sea

Tilt and Turn Windows Sea View

The client’s sunlit bedroom sits on a hill overlooking the city of Vancouver. Euroline tilt and turn windows and doors allow for the sunlight and fresh air to be enjoyed in full.

Luxury Doors West Vancouver

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean

Tilt and Turn West Vancouver

All the Euroline tilt and turn windows throughout the home are easy to use and easy to clean. The inside and outside panes of glass can be accessed from any floor without issue when fully open. When closed, they use a multi-point locking system to ensure optimal security. 

The Beauty of Tilt & Glide

Tilt and Glide Doors West Vancouver

Our Euroline tilt and glide doors were perfect for this light and airy home. They are also terrific for saving space as they don’t take up real estate on the inside or outside, unlike a standard swing door. Our doors are super easy to use and can be moved around with one finger. 

These doors feature gaskets on the frame and sash — so when you use a multi-point locking system to seal the door, it has gasket-on-gasket compression. This results in an incredible seal that helps conserve energy and leaves you feeling secure.

Inviting in the Light

Luxury Glass West Vancover

With a breathtaking view and incredible outdoor living area, the homeowners wanted to bring the outside inside. To accomplish this, we installed a very wide set of French doors with sidelights. As a result, the expanse of doors allows the interior to spill into the outside seating area and the backyard beyond.  Thin crisp lines accentuate the view and help give the home that clean, contemporary feeling. 

Artful Arches 

Arched Windows West Vancouver

Custom arches create a beautiful focal point in this hallway, adding a classic nuance in this otherwise contemporary home. Our Euroline team made these custom arched windows onsite with amazing results. 

European Windows West Vancouver

Bathing becomes an experience under these custom Euroline arch-top windows. They can be a bit more labor-intensive to make but, the result is totally worth it as they give the room a lovely touch of European style. 

We are happy to consult on how to get the most function and beauty out of your own new build or remodel. Contact us online or give us a call to make an appointment to explore our showroom and the possibilities EuroLine has to offer.