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Performance Windows

At EuroLine, we understand the importance of celebrating and protecting the natural world around us, which is why all of our windows and doors offer exceptional energy efficiency and long-term durability. We also build superior thermal performance windows that meet the rigorous certification standard of the Passive House Institute. We offer this type of exceptional performance in a range of different materials and designs to ensure the windows you get, are just as unique as your project.

Passive House

The term “Passiv House” or “Passive House” refers to a rigorous standard for energy efficiency in buildings. This standard, recognized in countries worldwide, is viewed as the pinnacle of truly energy efficient and ecological architecture.

To meet the requirements of the Passivhaus standard, windows must be manufactured with exceptionally high R-values (reducing fluxuations in heat). These normally combine triple-pane insulated glazing with air-seals and specially developed thermal break window frames. For unobstructed south-facing Passive House windows, the heat gains from the sun are, on average, greater than the heat losses, even in mid-winter. 

B.C. Step Codes

The BC Energy Step Code is a provincial standard that provides an incremental and consistent approach to achieving more energy-efficient buildings that go beyond the requirements of the base BC Building Code. When you reach the highest standard in Step Codes, Step Code 5, your home will have little to no energy use.

The step code applies to the whole house and considers three main factors:

  • Insulation value
  • Air tightness
  • Efficient appliances

The Importance of Windows

Most normal windows are thermal holes, causing an average home to lose up to 30% of its heat or air-conditioning energy through its windows. As a result, windows are one of the most important components in creating an energy efficient home and have a huge impact on achieving Step Code compliance and Passive House ratings. 

As standards in energy efficiency increase, you will want to ensure your windows and doors are up to the highest level of effectiveness to ensure your home can continue to be ranked as Passive House or Step Code compliant over time. EuroLine Windows have exceptionally airight products and are already rated at the highest level of Energy Step Codes, exceeding the current standard for Step Code compliance in B.C.

For more information on Passive House standards, Step Code compliance and the role of windows in energy efficiency in general, please contact one of our window consultants.

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