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4700-Series ThermoplusTM PHC Tilt & Turn

EuroLine’s Passive House Institute certified/compliant window frame*

Our 4700-Series ThermoPlus PHP Tilt & Turn Windows go above and beyond the standard for style and design among tilt & turn windows. By combining unparalleled esthetic with the thermal performance needed for a Passive House design, we provide the best in style and engineering. Not only are these windows some of the most customizable and visually appealing on the market, but they are also rated at the highest StepCode possible according to the B.C Energy StepCode Council. These ratings help to reduce CO2 emissions, and ultimately, save you money.

In addition to great features that come standard with our 4700-Series Windows, our ThermoPlus PHC Windows are also to achieve the thermal performance needed for a Passive House design. By combining the six-chamber vinyl-fibreglass hybrid frame with foam inserts and triple-pane insulating glazing this window is one of the most energy efficient and highest rated by B.C StepCodes on the market. Including the new generation GENEO® window profiles, these windows combine the benefits of uPVC and fibreglass in a new hybrid RAU-FIPRO® material.

Not only do they help save you money by reducing CO2 emissions, but our 4700-Series Windows are also very secure, featuring a tilt & turn operation with multi-point locking hardware. One easy-to-operate handle moves the multi-point locking hardware into place and locks the window on all sides for higher security and a tighter seal.

With a smooth and easy-to-clean finish, these our 4700-Series windows are exceptionally durable. Protected by a heavy-metal free, environmentally-safe nano coating, they have state-of-the-art protection against corrosion and even form a self-healing skin for small scratches. Using an innovative composite material we can build a window profile with high stability, torsion stiffness, and structural properties – all characteristics not previously possible in vinyl window systems without the addition of steel reinforcements.

The high-performance glazing that is added to the glass gives you the most durable, versatile and energy-efficient window system in its class forming a virtually impenetrable barrier for anything mother nature may throw at it. Whether it is a single family house or a high rise building, this window is the perfect way to create peace-of-mind within a comfortable environment.

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