While conceptually doors have been around since the early stages of architecture, their designs, functions and performance continue to improve. If you aren’t in the industry, keeping tabs on new trends can be difficult, especially when the latest in architectural engineering is often led by the European Market. This is why EuroLine’s continued dedication to innovation and performance is so important. We work diligently to push the envelope, improve functionality and be the first to bring new and improved product designs to the North American market. As a result, we are very excited to take you through our new lineup of Sliding Doors, engineered with the latest technology in door design.  Explore our offering below to learn about each product and how they can optimize the functionality and elevate the aesthetics of your space. 

Benefits of EuroLine Door Systems

  • Energy Efficiency: Sophisticated thermal insulation in all our products, from basic models to Passive House models, guarantees improved heating and cooling efficiency in your home.
  • Design Harmony: A wide selection of decor foils that can be easily matched to any building design, enabling you to create a space where you can truly feel at home.
  • Superior Technology: We offer outstanding verified values with unmatched wind and water tightness. Our secure products provide peace of mind with superior burglary resistance and acoustic insulation, even at maximum sizes.

To help you choose your ideal doors, we share the benefits and top features of each of our sliding door systems below. 

Lift and Slide Doors

Introducing the latest addition to our door offering: the Lift and Slide. Even at its maximum size of 6.50 m by 2.80 m (21 x 9 feet), our Lift and Slide door can be opened and closed effortlessly and provides a smooth, barrier-free transition to the outside. It is capable of meeting Passive House standards and allows for the integration of multiple fixed and sliding panels.

Key Aspect: Ideal for those who want effortless operation of exceptionally large panels while delivering passive house level thermal performance. 

Smart Slide Doors

This unit features an intuitive, easy-to-operate locking mechanism and a slim 70 mm profile depth that creates a clean aesthetic. With impressive sealing and the ability to accommodate triple-paned glass, the Smart Slide Door provides top values for heat insulation.

Key Aspect: For those who want a sliding door in smaller openings while still achieving excellent thermal values in a sleek design profile.

Multi-Slide Doors

With the ability to accommodate exceptionally large openings, these doors provide unobstructed, outdoor access as glass panels stack out of the way. The Multi-Slide Door maintains our high standards of thermal performance with up to four panels in one integrated unit.

Key Aspect: For homeowners wanting to maximize their kitchen or patio space by creating the largest, unobstructed transition from inside to outside when doors are pushed to one side. 

Tilt and Glide Doors

Boasting the ultimate in Passive House performance, our Tilt and Glide Doors include the same tilt functionality found in our renowned 4700-Series Thermoplus PHC Tilt & Turn windows. The highly-effective, triple-seal gasket delivers superior security and moisture resistance.

Key Aspect: Created for eco-conscious homeowners who value thermal performance and security. 

Folding Doors

Made from high-quality, thermally broken aluminum, these doors have the ability to open

inwards or outwards. Entire walls of up to 15 m can be replaced with folding glass panels to create expansive views and a unique, eye-catching design.

Key Aspect: Ideal for those who want both thermal performance and expansive views of surrounding environments. 

Learn more about our other high performance door systems, including Swing, French and Entry Doors at Euroline.com or visit your nearest showroom to get a hands-on look at our latest designs.