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Here are six of the most common questions we hear from our customers.


My vinyl windows have scuffs all over them, what is the best way to clean spots and smudges?

A mixture of mild dish soap and water should be sufficient to clean most dirt and stains from your window frames. Never use abrasive or caustic cleaners as they can cause permanent damage to the frame finish. Always rinse the soap completely with clear water and wipe dry with a damp cloth. For complete details on the best method to clean your window frames and glass surfaces, please refer to: Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Vinyl Windows and Doors.

I’m planning a renovation and I don’t know what kind of windows and doors to choose. Do you have any advice?

There are several different types of windows and doors that you can opt for, depending on the function you need. Do you want to add more light into a room? Are you interested in opening your living space to the outdoors? Is privacy a requirement? Some features to keep in mind are: security, ventilation, ease of operation, and maintenance.

Ask questions. Find out how each type of window and door operates to ensure that you understand the working parts of the various products. Ask about locking mechanisms, basement/bedroom egress requirements, glass options, finishing choices, and accessories. Inquire about the lead time. The more information you have about your choices, the better equipped you will be to make the best decision for your needs. Call us — our showroom is open Monday to Friday and our renovation expert can provide you with more information and helpful advice.

Summer is here and I want to open my windows to let in fresh air, but I don’t feel safe leaving them open — do you have a solution for me?

Our 4600-series GoldenLine and 4700-series ThermoPlus systems are a beautiful choice.

These tilt & turn systems are designed for secure ventilation, safe cleaning, and fast emergency egress. One easy-to-operate handle moves the multi-point locking hardware into place and locks the window on all sides for higher security and a tighter seal. With the handle in the “turn” position, the sash turns inwards at the side. This position allows for easy cleaning from the interior, rapid cross-ventilation, and quick emergency egress. With the handle in the “tilt” position, the sash tilts inwards at the top, providing draft-free, secure ventilation.

Take a look at our products on our website or come to our showroom to see samples of our products first hand.

I’m considering buying EuroLine windows and doors for my home renovation. Can I have my brother install your products? He’s handy with a hammer.

We recommend using our professional installers to install your new windows and doors. Our installers know our products well, and they understand how to properly install your windows and doors. They have the tools and skill needed to do the job quickly, efficiently and correctly. Remember, proper installation is crucial to the performance of your new windows and doors. Our blog post: 4 Reasons to Use a Professional Window Installer, has more details.

That being said, if your brother – or sister! – feels confident that they are able to install the product properly, we provide detailed instructions for them to follow. Just remember: EuroLine products are very heavy, so get someone to help when necessary!

Help! There is plastic film stuck to my window that I can’t remove — what can I do?

Our window and door products are shipped with a protective film on the profiles that reduces damage from handling and installation. This protective film must be removed upon completion of installation. If the film is left on the product for longer periods, it may bond to the frame material and become very difficult to remove.

Our detailed instructions, Remove Baked on Window Film, may be helpful.

Please note:
These instructions are for extruded frames only. Do not attempt on foiled profiles! EuroLine Windows Inc. does not guarantee the effectiveness of the above method. EuroLine Windows Inc. does not recommend using any other method, chemical or solvent to remove the plastic film. Other methods, chemicals or solvents may permanently damage the frame finish or destroy its UV-resistant properties.

I love my new EuroLine windows! Do you have any window treatments with a distinctive style that will complement my décor and help keep my rooms cozy?

We offer specialty window coverings custom made to fit our windows. We have a beautiful line of pleated and honeycomb blinds that are available in a wide range of colours, designs and translucency levels, so you can have the look and feel that best suits your taste.

We also sell a line of manual and motorized rollshutters for energy efficiency, weather protection and added security.

Visit our Products and Options pages for more information and details.
We love to talk about windows and doors!  Call or visit us — our professional team can answer all your questions and help you find the best solution to fit your needs.