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Honeycomb Blinds

As homeowners look to build a sustainable future, improved energy efficiency and cutting energy costs is becoming an increasingly important of home design. The strategic use of interior solar shading can help maximize efficiency and reduce energy waste. 

Cosiflor® is the market leader in pleated blinds in Europe. The success of the nearly 90 year old company is based on quality and innovation.


Cutting energy costs is becoming increasingly important. Intelligent use of interior solar shading can help achieve this. Cosiflor honeycomb blinds help provide a pleasant living climate in rooms, regardless of the time of year. This is due to the honeycomb structure, which acts as air-filled insulation, providing an additional buffer against cold and heat. In winter, Cosiflor honeycomb blinds cover the window, helping to retain the warm air created by solar heat that has been allowed in through the window during the day, thus reducing the need to heat and energy costs. The picture on the left shows a thermal image of a non-EuroLine window with no covering on the left, and the same window with a Cosiflor honeycomb blind on the right. In summer, the closed pleated honeycomb blind helps keep out the sun. In most sizes blinds can be drawn from the top and/or the bottom, making it possible to control how much sun comes in throughout the day. In addition to a variety of color and design options on the interior, Cosiflor honeycomb blinds also come in varying degrees of translucency, from sheer to blackout.


There are a variety of installation options available for Cosiflor honeycomb blinds. A very popular and unobstructive installation method is between the glazing beads. Where this is not possible (this may be the case with triple-glazed units), blinds can also be installed on the window frame or sash, or inside the window return.

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