Say it in French — La Belle Porte Française

In 17th century France, influenced by Italian Renaissance art and architecture, the French fashioned a new style of doors made with wood and wrought iron. Essentially, these double doors were floor length windows which usually led out to small balconies. Later, as the glass industry developed, individual glass panes were incorporated into the doors and held in by small frames. This style of door not only added visual appeal to the home, but also allowed more daylight into rooms. This innovative design was the precursor to our modern day French doors.

Today, French doors are still considered to be the ultimate in elegance and functionality.

French doors

Why Choose French Doors?

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of installing these charming doors in your home:


French doors are versatile — they can be inswing or outswing depending on your needs. Alternatively, you can have the “active” side on an inswing door made as a tilt and turn door. You can also combine them with fixed windows on one or both sides to create a stunning wall of windows.

Bring the Outside In

French doors allow you to open your home in a variety of ways. Use them to connect two interior rooms to each other, creating larger spaces for entertaining. Or bring the outdoors in by giving open access to your patio or garden.

Light and Space

These beautiful doors brighten your living spaces with natural light and provide lovely views of your yard. When your French doors are fully open, you can enjoy all the advantages that Mother Nature offers while making your interior feel incredibly spacious.


Modern French doors are energy efficient, secure and durable. With standard features such as double pane, LoE coatings and robust multi-point locking hardware, these doors will attract potential buyers, increase your home’s worth and help you save money on your heating/cooling costs.


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