3,300 U.S. children under the age of 5 are injured annually in falls from windows, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. This alarming statistic is part of a Safe Kids report on unintentional falls — the number one cause of non-fatal injuries for children across the globe. In 2011, there were 2,876,929 children requiring emergency room treatment for a fall-related injury and, in 2010, 127 U.S. children died in a fall-related accident.

To help keep your family safe and secure, consider our Top Ten List of Window Safety Tips:

10. Consider planting shrubs or other soft edging beneath windows to lessen the impact if a fall does occur.

9. Teakidch your children not to jump on the bed or furniture as this may lead to a fall.

8. Keep furniture, etc. away from windows to ensure that children cannot climb up to the windows. Never allow children to play on or near window ledges.

7. Keep windows and doors locked when young children are around. Set rules about playing away from windows and patio doors. Falling through glass can cause serious or even fatal injury.

6. Window screens are designed to keep insects out. Screens cannot support the weight of a person, even that of a small child, and will not prevent a fall.

5. When windows are opened for ventilation, only open windows that young children cannot reach or open fully. Our tilt and turn windows are ideal in this situation. Windows can tilt in for ventilation and the multi-point locking hardware makes it difficult for young children to operate.

4. If you use window guards or restrictors on the interior of your windows (some municipalities require the use of these kinds of safety mechanisms), make sure they are operable and can be easily removed. Practice detaching the guards with your children in case they need to exit through a window in an emergency. Also keep in mind that some windows – like bedroom windows – need to meet egress requirements and should not be restricted in a way that prevents emergency exit.

3. Choose safety glass for your windows and doors. Doors come standard with tempered glass, which has higher impact resistance and – if broken – shatters into many small, dull pieces. Laminated glass will shatter, but usually remain intact within the frame, preventing falls, as well as enhancing security and frustrating intruders. EuroLine windows and doors come standard with multi-point locking hardware which provides additional protection against intruders.

2.  Adult supervision is the easiest and best method for preventing a child from falling from a window. Watch small children carefully and ensure that their play is kept well away from windows.

1. Establish a family emergency escape plan and practice it regularly. Teach your children how to safely use the windows as way out during a fire. Make sure that you have at least one window in each bedroom that meets escape and rescue requirements.

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