It’s officially spring! The days are getting longer, the air is warmer, birds are singing, and people on the street seem to have a little extra pep in their steps! Spring brings a sense of renewal, of freshness, and of course, we feel like getting down to cleaning our houses inside and out. Don’t you?

Your EuroLine windows and doors are virtually maintenance free, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a little attention every now and then. So get out your buckets and sponges and let’s get to work!

Clean Your Window and Door Frames

Remove all your window screens and lay them on a flat surface.  Wash them with mild soap and water using a soft brush, then rinse and wipe dry. Don’t forget to put them back on when you are done cleaning all your windows and doors!  Watch our video for instructions on how to install EuroLine window screens.

Before you start washing your windows, get out your vacuum to clean the sill and track areas. Over the fall and winter, fine dust and dirt has probably built up inside these areas and if allowed to remain, it can result in poor operation or even damage to hardware. A soft, small brush may be helpful to loosen any dirt or dust from around frame.

Wash your window and door frames with a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water. Mild, non-abrasive soaps are the best for most dirt and stain removal. EuroLine windows and doors are made from a high quality, pore-free uPVC material that is easy to clean, and does not support the growth of mold or mildew. Remember to use a soft cloth when cleaning the frames — never use an abrasive material like sandpaper or steel wool. Gritty or raspy articles will cause damage to the smooth surface. Also, do not use abrasive or caustic solvents to clean your frames as these will cause permanent damage to the frame finish. Consult your instruction manual for methods of cleaning heavily soiled areas or give us a call – we’re happy to help with any information or advice!

TIP: Small scratches in the finish may be repaired with matching paint pens available from our office. Call our office and speak to our service department for details.

Rinse the frames completely with clear water and wipe dry with a damp cloth — a dry cloth can build up static which will attract dirt and dust.

Make sure that the weep holes — both inside and outside the windows and doors — are clear of dirt or obstructions to ensure proper drainage. Check to ensure that the weather stripping around operable windows and door panels seals evenly.

House with a LOT of windows to cleanMake Your Glass Sparkle

It is important to take care of the glass in your windows, as proper maintenance is needed to preserve the insulating properties of your high performance windows and doors.

Always use a solution of mild dish soap and water or an approved glass cleaner when cleaning glass surfaces. Petroleum-based cleaners or caustic chemicals should never be used as they could weaken the structural integrity of the glass or damage any special coatings that are present.

STOP: Never use a high-pressure spray nozzle to rinse your windows — this could cause the glass to crack or possibly loosen the seals.

For more details on taking care of your EuroLine windows and doors, download our info sheet: Cleaning & Maintenance of Your Vinyl Windows and Doors

Spring Clean your windowsTake a Look at the Hardware

Now is an excellent time to lubricate the hardware components of your windows and doors. Follow the instructions in your product manual to keep them operating smoothly. We recommend that you lubricate your hardware at least once a year, or more frequently, as conditions dictate. Every six months, check all hinges for tightness of fasteners and look for damage to hinges.

Complete details on cleaning and lubricating window and door hardware can be found in your maintenance manual. Or visit the Resources page on our website for detailed information – look in the Product Manuals section.

TIP: Do not use citrus, vinegar, abrasives, ammonia or siding washes on the window hardware as this may result in damage to the components.

REMEMBER: Your EuroLine windows never need painting and will never rot, split, fade, yellow or grow brittle with age. With just a little TLC and regular cleaning, your windows and doors will have years of trouble-free operation.

*IMPORTANT: EuroLine window and door products are shipped with a protective plastic film that reduces damage from handling and installation. This protective film MUST be removed upon completion of installation. Failure to remove the protective plastic film upon completion of installation may cause film to bond to the frame and permanently damage the frame finish.

Film bonded to your windows? Read How to Remove Baked on Protective Window Film for helpful information.

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