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Passive House — Take a Closer Look

Have you ever wondered what living in a Passive House might be like? If you are building or renovating your home, you have probably heard a lot of talk about this and other standards in energy efficient construction. You may be wondering which standard would be best for your project — which one will meet or exceed the latest building code requirements. Better performance and reduced energy usage are goals we all want to attain, but where do you start?

North Park Passive House
Photo: courtesy of Bernhardt Contracting

From November 11 – 13, 2016, you are invited to attend International Passive House days to discover what a Passive House looks like up close and personal. This three-day event, organized by iPHA, will showcase this building practice with presentations, seminars and guided tours of ultra-low energy homes.

Home owners across the globe will open their homes to the public for a first hand look at the benefits of highly energy efficient houses. Architects and builders will be available to explain how this building method works to lower energy costs, and residents will share their experiences of living in a comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly home.

There are 18 Passive House homes in British Columbia on display for this event, 11 of them feature EuroLine Windows 4700-series ThermoPlus window system. If you are curious about Passive House and want to see how our windows can help you achieve your energy efficiency requirements, while satisfying your design specifications, come and take a look at a house in your neighbourhood. Find the closest viewing opportunities to you by visiting the iPHA’s database  for a searchable list of open houses where you live.

Watch this video from City TV featuring Vancouver’s first certified Passive House, which is one of the homes that will be open for the occasion.

For more information on this event visit iPHA’s website. For information on Passive House in Canada, click here.