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North Park Passive House Revisited

It’s been a while since we talked about Bernhardt Contracting’s passive house condominium project in Victoria. If you remember, North Park Passive House was a first in Canada — the first multi-family market project built to passive house standards. All six of the 2-bedroom residences sold before completion, indicating the rising interest in highly energy efficient homes.

North Park was built with sustainability, high performance and renewable energy in mind. By integrating modern construction practices, the latest building components, and technology, North Park Passive House serves as a benchmark for multi-family passive house construction.


A high tech photovoltaic array on the roof supplies solar energy to the building’s power grid, which adds to the entire strata’s energy savings.

The insulation is made of rockwool (an insulating material made of stone and recycled slag, a by-product of steel production). North Park, like all passive houses, was made with approximately double the amount of insulation as a conventional house along with added insulation under the floors. This extra insulation, along with the use of our ThermoPlus windows, helps to keep the units warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Exterior shades on the east and west windows prevent excessive heat gain in the summer.

There is no furnace in the building. Instead, a heat recovery ventilator circulates the warm air generated by the heated floor in the bathrooms and the electric radiant panel in kitchens. This helps to keeps energy costs low.

The units feature FSC certified engineered hardwood floors and recycled glass countertops. Native plants have been used extensively in the landscaping around the building. There is secure bicycle parking on site, and raised garden beds for residents to grow their own vegetables.

In October 2015, North Park Passive House was certified by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany. In April of this year, Bernhardt Contracting won two VIBE awards for the North Park Passive House project: Best Townhouse Development and Best Environmental Initiative.

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