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Easy Steps to Make Your EuroLine Windows Last a Lifetime

Your new high-performance EuroLine windows and doors are finally installed*. They look great and you know that they will increase your home’s energy efficiency — keeping you cool in summer and cozy in winter. And the view…!

With regular cleaning and a little TLC, you can keep your new windows and doors looking their best and operating at their peak performance. Here are some tips/techniques you should know to extend the life of your windows and doors:

Clean and Simple

Use an approved glass cleaning product to clean the panes. Make sure the products you use are not acidic or abrasive, as these types of cleaners could damage the surface of the glass, the frame or the hardware of your windows. Avoid washing the glass in direct sunlight and never use a power washer.


Simply using a soft cloth and a solution of mild dish soap and water will gently clean the uPVC frames of your EuroLine products. You may use a mild, non-abrasive household cleaner applied to a soft, damp cloth to gently remove light stains. Rinse the frame with clean water and wipe with a damp cloth. Never wipe the frame with a dry cloth as this builds up static which attracts dirt and dust. The use of sandpaper or steel wool or any similar abrasive will cause damage to the smooth surface – do not use them on your frames. Never use abrasive or caustic solvents as these will cause permanent damage to the frame finish. Consult your instruction manual for methods of cleaning heavily soiled areas or give us a call – we’re happy to help with any information or advice!

Keep the channel groove in the base of the frame and the drain holes free of dirt and debris.

TIP: Small scratches in the finish may be repaired with matching paint pens available at our office. Call our service department for details.

Smooth Operation

Keep your window/door hardware in top operating condition with regular inspection and cleaning. Examine and re-lubricate your hardware once a year, or as conditions mandate. Visually inspect hinges for tightness of fasteners or damage to hinges after installation and every six months after that.

All our window/door hardware is protected by special coatings and lubricants, which can be damaged or removed by common household cleaning products. You can use clean water to remove grit and grime. A mixture of mild dish soap and water may be used to loosen stubborn dirt. Always rinse the hardware with clean water and allow to dry completely before re-lubricating.

NOTE: If you live in a coastal area (salt-water), rinse the hardware with clean water and re-lubricate every three months (or as conditions dictate). In beach areas, rinse sand and grit from hardware as required.

Keeping your window and door hardware free from dirt and grit, and re-lubricating as needed, will maintain its factory-smooth operation and help to prevent wear and corrosion.

TIP: Complete details on cleaning and lubricating window and door hardware can be found in your maintenance manual. Or visit the Resources section of our website for detailed information.

Periodically, check the window gaskets for damage. Damaged gaskets will impair your window and door performance. If you have air or water leaks, examine the gaskets carefully and replace if required.

Your EuroLine windows and doors are a major investment and a beautiful addition to your home. With a little care and preventative maintenance, they will provide you with years of trouble-free operation and superior thermal comfort as well as adding character and beauty to your home.

*IMPORTANT: EuroLine window and door products are shipped with a protective plastic film that reduces damage from handling and installation. This protective film MUST be removed upon completion of installation. Failure to remove the protective plastic film upon completion of installation may cause film to bond to the frame and permanently damage the frame finish.

Film bonded to your windows? Read this document for helpful information.

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