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Go With the Flow

Redesign1Getting new, updated machinery for any business is an exciting event, but fitting a new piece of  equipment onto a workshop floor requires more thought and planning than just finding a spot for it to “live”.

Many questions need to be answered when a redesign is first contemplated — how will the changes affect the various stakeholders?  Will the changes streamline the workflow and increase efficiency? For example, will the necessary supplies for the job be placed within easy reach or will workers need to backtrack to access tools and materials?  What about changes in lighting and noise levels that occur when machinery is relocated — who will be affected and how can these changes be managed? What about walkways — are they clear and easy for employees, customers and visitors to see and navigate? Does the redesign plan have built-in flexibility to accommodate future changes? These and other factors must be taken into account before the task is even begun. Whew, it’s a big job!

Redesign2At EuroLine Windows, we recently introduced new equipment to our facility: a foiling machine, a state-of-the-art cutting and processing centre, and a new door assembly line. With this growth came the need to redesign the plant layout. The production team has been busy for the past few months reconfiguring the floor to enhance workflow, and optimize machine locations, as well as installing the new pieces. The addition of the door assembly line allowed the team to make further “tweaks” to create an ideal, natural flow from process to process.

Now, after a lot of sweat equity, our shop floor looks quite different — and with workstations and machinery repositioned, and new equipment installed and running, our manufacturing processes are even more streamlined, efficient and productive than before.

Kudos to the team!


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