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KC20_-7-2500-x-1406.jpg KC20_-7-2500-x-1406.jpg
KC20_-3-2003-x-1127.jpg KC20_-3-2003-x-1127.jpg
KC20_-2-2500-x-1406-1.jpg KC20_-2-2500-x-1406-1.jpg
KC20_-8-2500-x-1406.jpg KC20_-8-2500-x-1406.jpg
KC20_-9-2500-x-1406.jpg KC20_-9-2500-x-1406.jpg
KC20_-6-2003-x-1127.jpg KC20_-6-2003-x-1127.jpg

Mountain Dream

Whistler, BC
4700 Series

Photographer: Kristi Calderon

Oversized 4700 Series windows provide a stunning view of the mountains and the valley below.  Large tilt and glide doors provide ventilation and ability to bring the outdoors in.