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Mariposa-Meadows-03-scaled-e1669023294334.jpg Mariposa-Meadows-03-scaled-e1669023294334.jpg
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Mariposa Meadows

Colorado, US
4700 Series, off-grid Passive House

Photographer: Patrick Coulie and Samantha Carlin

Preserving the property’s wilderness and natural habitat, went on a conquest to showcase the possibilities of sustainable building practices.

Mariposa Meadows is an off-grid, net-zero project consisting of three buildings meticulously designed to each have a gorgeous view unobstructed by road. 4700 Series tilt and turn windows and doors bring in the light from outside and warmly embrace guests inside with the views of the aspen forest, allowing them to absorb the surrounding magnificence. By leaving tilt and turning windows in a tilt position, guests can enjoy the fresh forest air to instantly feel a connection with nature, while keeping those entry points secure.