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KC20_-1-2003-x-1127.jpg KC20_-1-2003-x-1127.jpg
KC20_-2-2003-x-1127.jpg KC20_-2-2003-x-1127.jpg
KC20_-3-2003-x-1127-1.jpg KC20_-3-2003-x-1127-1.jpg
KC20_-4-2500-x-1406.jpg KC20_-4-2500-x-1406.jpg
KC20_-5-2000-x-1127.jpg KC20_-5-2000-x-1127.jpg
KC20_-6-2500-x-1406.jpg KC20_-6-2500-x-1406.jpg

Whistler Brewhouse

Whistler, BC
4700 Series

Photographer: Kristi Calderon

This landmark located in the heart of Whistler Village was remodeled using custom laminated 4700 series windows blending seamlessly into the existing aesthetic and colour matching the original commercial aluminum doors. Optimized thermally to keep the interior warm and cozy the custom shaped windows work to perfection.