You breathe a sigh of contentment. The last workman has left your property and your furniture and belongings will arrive soon. You stand outside admiring your newly built home. It’s beautiful — just as you imagined your dream house would be!

But wait! You notice the tape on your window and door frames. Did the installers leave it on for a reason? Should you take it off now, or leave it for a bit, at least until the dust settles?


At EuroLine, we ship our window and door products with a protective film (tape) that reduces damage to your new windows and doors from shipping and handling, and protects them from construction debris, paint, and dust.

Don’t forget the film! If the plastic film is left on the product for an extended period of time and is exposed to the heat of the sun, the film will essentially “bake” on to your window and door profiles. It then will be very difficult and painstaking to remove and there is a high risk of damage to the window and door finish. We strongly recommend that you remove this protective film immediately upon completion of installation.

Oops! Left the film on too long?

Follow the instructions* below to try and remove the film with a minimum of damage:

windowframes-BTools and materials needed:

  • Hot air gun or hair blower
  • Scraping knife
  • Warm soapy water
  • Clean, non-abrasive cloths
  • S20 cleaning solution (available from EuroLine Windows Inc.)




  1. Use a hot air gun or hair blower to heat up the film and soften it, taking care to avoid overheating the film or the frame. Carefully use a scraping knife to lift the edges of the film and peel it off. A residue of the film adhesive may remain on the frame after the film is removed.
    Caution: Do not apply excessive heat to the film or to the frame as this can result in permanent damage to the frame. Do not use excessive force when attempting to scrape the film or permanent damage to the frame may occur.
  2. Use a soft cloth and warm, soapy water to remove any residue remaining on the frame.
  3. If the warm water fails to remove the residue from the frame, you may apply S20 cleaner (available from EuroLine) to a soft cloth and use it to remove the remaining residue from the frame.

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*These instructions are for extruded frames only. Do not attempt on foiled profiles! EuroLine Windows Inc. does not guarantee the effectiveness of the above method. EuroLine Windows Inc. does not recommend using any other method, chemical or solvent to remove the plastic film. Other methods, chemicals or solvents may permanently damage the frame finish or destroy its UV-resistant properties.