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Open wide spaces, and bring the outdoors in.  The bespoke bottom running hardware components of the 3400-series folding door system have been designed to give maximum carrying capacity, whilst the narrow thermally-broken aluminum profiles offer slim sightlines.


• Aluminum profiles provide significant minimal viewing obstruction capable of amazing 9’ door height

• Heavy duty hardware allows stacking 7 consecutive panels in a
single direction achieving massive openings

• Commercial grade aluminum allows connecting multiple tracks
together to achieve single openings greater that 25’ wide

Key Performance Data

           0.25 (IP)            1.40 (SI)

           U-Value            Best Thermal NFRC

180 Pa
3.76 psf

Water Penetration Resistance

0.600 L/s*m² (A2)
0.12 cfm/ft²

Air Infiltration

* All data shown are for triple paned windows and doors. For more information about performance data for specific configurations and add-ons, please speak to our design representative

Configuration Options