You’ve decided to renovate your old house, or you are building your dream house. You want your home to reflect your style and personality while standing out as an example of good taste and beauty on your street.

BayWindow-BOne way to heighten visual appeal is to include a bay or bow window in your design plan. Both styles will open up a room, allow in more natural light, and add an air of elegance to your interior. The graceful arches and angles of bay and bow windows enhance the charm of your room and the angled panes provide exceptional, unobstructed views.

But which window do you choose — bay or bow?

Bay or Bow — What’s the Difference?

Bay windows are a combination of one large fixed window flanked by two smaller windows. The smaller windows are usually operable but can be fixed. This type of window is available in various angled projections. Bay windows protrude from the wall to the exterior space, providing a little extra space in the room.

Install a beautiful bay window to create a small alcove in your bedroom or living room (great places for a window seat!) or a nook for your dining room or family room (a sunny place to gather for a meal!).

Bow-BBow windows are made up of four or more windows of the same size — either fixed or operable. These windows protrude to the outside in a curved structure producing a round appearance on the exterior wall.  They can be wrapped around the side of your house to create a unique turret shape allowing for views from two sides.

Make a stunning impression by choosing an elegant bow window configuration for your entrance or living room. Bow windows look great in any area such as your dining room or bedroom.


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