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5 Ways to Make a Grand Entrance

The doorways into your home are the first glimpse of your personal style. You want your entryways to be warm, welcoming and visually pleasing as well as secure, durable and energy efficient. These days you can choose from many different door styles, colours, hardware and other options to create a look and feel that is uniquely yours while offering you protection from the elements.

Here are five beautiful ways to enter your home:

Entry-BFG1. Elegant Entry Doors:

Whatever your style — state-of-the-art modern, Art Nouveau, or classic European — you can create a stunning front entrance by choosing an entry door that reflects your distinctive personality. Make a statement with a splash of colour or be adventurous and choose to go with a full glass entry door.

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2. Distinctive French Patio Doors:

Versatile, functional and beautiful, these doors will be a stylish addition to your home. French patio doors can provide a captivating view of the outdoors and can brighten the interior of any room. These doors are available in many options such as outswing, inswing or tilt and turn and are great for easy access as well as ventilation.

3. Beautiful Single Patio Doors:

Welcome the outdoors in with single patio doors that are not only gorgeous but easy to use. These doors are available with the same options as the French Patio doors. Think about colours, finishes and hardware to complement the overall look of your home or room.

4. Tilt and Glide Doors:

This style of door is the perfect solution for spaces where swing doors are not suitable. The tilt function allows for air circulation while keeping you safe. Available in various configurations, including a four-panel “French” design that allows for a larger opening, you can have an entryway that is both beautiful and secure.

FoldingDoor-B5. Innovative Full-Size Folding Doors:

Choose this style of door, if you want a wide-open space that can dramatically open your entire room to the outdoors or provide a spectacular gateway between rooms. Full-size folding doors are an elegant, practical and versatile option. They can have as few as 2, or as many as 7 panels, spanning a width of up to 20 feet*, providing a breath-taking vista wherever you desire.

*in white profile

At EuroLine, we offer an incredibly wide range of custom-made door choices available in dozens of colors and finishes, with many glass options and other accessories — the possibilities are virtually endless. Call us or visit our showroom at 7620 MacDonald Road in Delta.

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