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Internal grids are a cost-effective way to add character to your windows. They are installed by the glass manufacturer between the panes of the insulated glass unit. This allows for easy cleaning of the glass, as well as easy replacement of the IG unit. Interior grids are available in a limited colour selection, which is dependent on the options available from the glass manufacturer. The colour is the same on the interior and exterior. They are available in widths of 5/8″ and 5/16″.
SDLs (Simulated Divided Lites) are applied to the exterior of the glass. While more costly than interior grids, they give a more realistic impression of actually dividing the glass unit. Because SDLs are applied to the exterior of the pane, they effectively create more fields for cleaning. Replacing the IG unit is also made more difficult – especially on fixed units – as grids need to be removed first, and new grids applied onto the replacement glass unit. SDLs are available in three widths: 25mm (approx. 1″), 45mm (approx. 1.75″) and 75mm (approx. 3″), and can be foiled to match the colour of your windows. Interior and exterior colours do not need to be the same.

Something to keep in mind with both internal and external grids, is their alignment in different window configurations.

Picture windows have a larger glass area than operable windows, because they do not have a sash. Even when lining up horizontal grids, the spacing in picture windows will be wider, and the vertical grids taller than in their operable counterparts. A solution to this is to install fixed sashes, which gives the appearance of an operable window.

Doors have wider sashes than windows. Lining horizontal grids up with windows will result in much shorter vertical grids. Since doors already have a different appearance from windows, a solution is not to try and match the grid design in doors, or only in a toplite.

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