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Spring Cleaning? Here’s How to Make Your Windows & Doors Shine

After our long, cold, snow-bound winter, we are rejoicing in the warmer temperature and longer days. Now, with more sunshine, we can see the effects the past season has had on our
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Say it in French — La Belle Porte Française

In 17th century France, influenced by Italian Renaissance art and architecture, the French fashioned a new style of doors made with wood and wrought iron. Essentially, these double doors were floor length windows which
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Condensation — Let’s Clear That Up

Condensation — the word itself is enough to strike fear in the most stoic of home owners. Let’s face it: no one wants to contend with leaky windows, or failed
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Five Things You [Probably] Don’t Know About EuroLine Windows

Since you are on our website, reading this blog, you most likely have heard of EuroLine Windows. Maybe you know someone who has used our windows. Perhaps, you have our
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What’s Hot in Windows and Doors For 2017

Are you considering a renovation or new home build in 2017? While you are dreaming up the design for your perfect dream house, you might want to check out what
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Ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year! Have you heard about the latest trend in setting goals and/or making resolutions for the year?  You may have seen articles, blog posts, Twitter hashtags about this
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