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Home Security

When it comes to your home, safety and security is always top priority. Our clients can have peace of mind knowing that our products include some of the most secure windows and doors on the market. With high-security, multi-point locking hardware, our windows are virtually impenetrable.

Security Mechanism

Tilt & turn windows are unique because of their multi-functional handle and locking mechanismWhen handle of a tilt-and-turn is in the downward position, the window is shut is and locked. But, if you rotate the handle 90 degrees, you can then swing the window fully open.

Even more interestingly, when you push the window back into place, rotate the handle another 90 degrees so it points up, and then pull it back down toward you the window can lock into place after opening a few inches, resting at an angle. This not only allows for positive airflow, but it also means that you can enjoy a natural breeze while still knowing you have the added security of a locked window. 

Tilt & turn window systems, unlike regular hung windows, have multi-point locking mechanisms that you can feel click into place, providing further security and a completely air-tight weather seal.

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