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The 4700 system provides multiple options for windows, doors and large fixed fenestration requirements meeting Passive House performance levels.

The 4700 ThermoPlus ™ consists of state of the art fiberglass composite RAU-FIPRO® material delivering commercial NAFS class and performances for of mix-use, low-rise and mid-rise buildings with stunning design aesthetic.


• Capable of achieving commercial windows classification (CW)

• Fusion-welded corners for strength and permanent water sealing compared to mechanically fastened systems

• Multi-chamber (6) design for superior thermal performance including Passive House applications

• Fiberglass composite material reduces expansion and contraction by of profiles by 60% delivering benefits of full fiberglass with 33% larger fenestration (compared to uPVC) with greatly reduced costs

• Rain Screen system design with Dry Glazing and Triple Gasket Seal features

• European designed Multipoint locking hardware for years of performance

• Double Glazing (24mm) and Triple Glazing (44mm) with warm edge Super Spacer® TriSeal™ and industry leading warranty

Key Performance Data

           0.13 (IP)            0.70 (SI)

           U-Value            Best Thermal NFRC

720 Pa 
15 psf

Water Penetration Resistance

0.004 L/s*m² (A3)
0.001 cfm/ft²

Air infiltration

* All data shown are for triple paned windows and doors. For more information about performance data for specific configurations and add-ons, please speak to our design representative

Configuration Options

Tilt & Turn Window Configuration Options

Tilt-And-Turn Window

French Style


Tilt-And-Turn Window

Tilt-Only Window

Fixed Sash

4700 Inswing Outswing Series

Single Door

Double French Doors

Multiple Panels

4700 Tilt and Glide Doors

Single Glide

Double Tilt-And-Glide